Create Multi-Campaign Experience
Admin access or Domain access to property (property group) with feature access to launch/stop live or stage campaign.
Sourcepoint's Multi-Campaign feature provides a simple process that allows your organization to run different types of Sourcepoint Campaigns (e.g. ad-blocking, CCPA, GDPR, email collection, etc...) and assign priority to how they are triggered relative to one another. In this article, we will cover the following:
Clients who implement after May 5th, 2021 will have their properties default to multi-campaigns and can disregard the steps in this article. Any clients who implemented before this date and are using our legacy campaigns will need to manually migrate each property.


Note: Sourcepoint's multi-campaign feature is currently unavailable for AMP properties. Please utilize Campaign (Legacy) for AMP properties.
In order to continue with the workflow outlined in this article, you will need to have in place the following:
If your organization plans to use iOS Tracking messaging in your Campaigns you will need to utilize the Unified SDK

Create New Campaign for Multi-Campaign

Click Dialogue from the top navigation bar and select a property with Multi-Campaign enabled from the subsequent list.
Click Campaigns on the property navigation bar and select New.
Use the subsequent panel to select the following for the Campaign:
Click Create when finished.
There can only be a single campaign for each type (GDPR, CCPA, Anti-Adblock, iOS Tracking, etc.) in a campaign environment.
If there is a campaign in the environment with the same type as the new campaign, the original campaign will be ended in the environment and replaced with newly created campaign.
The Campaign will be added to the specified environment with the specified priority level. Repeat as necessary for other campaigns that will be run on the property.
An Anti-Adblock campaign type cannot be in a higher priority than a GDPR campaign type. This is because we need to collect consent for Sourcepoint as a vendor before we can trigger the Anti-Adblock script.
Follow the links below for more information on how to manage Campaigns included in your Multi-Campaign configuration on the property:

Maximum Number of Messages per Pageview

Use the Maximum Number of Messages per Pageview setting for either the stage or public environment to limit the number of messages an end-user can potentially see during a given session.
An iOS Tracking Message counts as 2 messages. If iOS Tracking Message is included in a campaign for a property, the Maximum Number of Messages per Pageview must be set to at least 2 for the message experience to display properly.
Since campaigns are checked and executed based on priority, once the maximum number of messages is satisfied, subsequent campaigns will not be triggered for the session even if their conditions are met.