How to Create & Launch a Campaign

In order to launch a campaign, you must have first created a property or property group and a message, a scenario, and a partition set within that property or property group. Once you've created each of those, you are ready to launch your campaign for testing / QA purposes or to launch to the general public.

Step 1 - Navigate to Dialogue

Once you've logged in to the Sourcepoint UI, click the Dialogue tab.

Step 2 - Select a Property / Property Group

Select the property or property group for which you'd like to launch a campaign.

Step 3 - Click New

Click new on the right side of the page.

Step 4 - Enter Details and Publish

Name your campaign, select a partition set, select an environment, and click Publish. In this case, we've chosen to publish our campaign in the stage environment. The stage environment allows for testing / QA as stage campaigns can only be seen by those who have set the correct cookie. For more on viewing a stage campaign, click here. The public environment publishes the campaign to your live site(s) and allows the general public to see your campaign.

To publish a campaign directly to your live environment, simply select the public option in the Environment drop down menu when creating your campaign.

Active Campaigns

Now that you've published a campaign, it will show up in your Campaigns dashboard. If you've launched public and stage campaigns, both will show.

You can currently only have 1 active campaign per environment.

Making a Stage Campaign Public

Activate in Public

If you've previously published a stage campaign, you have the ability to convert it to a public campaign by clicking the Activate in Public button.

A public campaign that's been activated from a stage campaign will indicate that it's a "(clone from Stage)."

Activating a stage campaign to the public environment does not end the original stage campaign. See below for additional details on ending campaigns.

Ending a Campaign

End Campaign

You have the ability to end any active campaign by simply clicking End Campaign.

Confirm End Campaign

You'll be asked to confirm that you're sure you want to end the campaign. If so, click Deactivate. If not, click Cancel.

Viewing Ended Campaigns

Click Show Ended Campaigns.

Ended Campaign Details

The page will expand to show details about each of the previously ended campaigns.