IAB Framework

IAB Europe launched its Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF), on the 25th April 2018, to help the digital advertising ecosystem comply with obligations under the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive.

Today, the TCF is a large collaborative effort with organizations and professionals in the digital advertising and publishing industries to provide solutions to key GDPR and ePrivacy Directive compliance challenges. An important component of the management of technical frameworks is continual consultation with its users and the broad base of stakeholders. including publishers, advertisers, media agencies, and technology providers.

Specifically, the IAB Tech Lab, GDPR Technical Working group (of which Sourcepoint is a member) is responsible for iterating the technical specifications that manage and maintain the TCF reference architecture, protocols, and technological solutions to fulfill the new policy requirements.

TCF v2.0

In the 12 months following the enactment of GDPR, IAB Europe collected stakeholder feedback on how the framework can be improved and better serve the community. This has driven the creation and purpose of TCF v2.0. This second iteration details new technical specifications required.

Key changes include:

  • Extending original purposes from five to twelve to provide more disclosure and choice

  • Allowing users to object to processing data based on legitimate interests

  • Providing additional control over data processing such as over precise geolocation data

As one of the first CMPs integrated with the IAB Consent Management Framework, Sourcepoint remains committed to supporting version 2.0 of the IAB Consent Framework. While the framework is still being finalized, Sourcepoint has already begun development based on the initial specifications provided by the IAB Tech Lab.

As an IAB member and participant in the IAB Tech Lab Working Group, Sourcepoint will communicate and abide by set-forth transition plans from the IAB as well as ensure each client can transition from V1 to V2 in a manner and time frame that is both compliant with deadlines and individually appropriate for each client.