Firing Tags in Tag Commander's Commander's Act Platform

This article will walk through using our the firing of custom triggers set up in Tag Commander's tag management platform Commander's Act.

Step 1 - Create a custom trigger in Commander's Act

Commander's Act allows for the creation of custom triggers to fire tag containers within the Commander's Act tag management system. For more information on how to create a custom trigger in the Commander's Act please read this article.

As part of the set up in Commander's Act you will create a custom trigger and define a custom trigger function. In this example, we are going to use a custom trigger called "fire custom consent" with a custom trigger function called tC.event.fire_custom_consent.

Step 2 - Access your GDPR (TCF v1) or GDPR (TCF v2) Vendor List

Once you've logged in to the Sourcepoint UI, click on either your GDPR (TCF v1) or GDPR (TCF v2‚Äč) vendor list by clicking on the selection.

Step 3 - Select Your Vendor List

Select the vendor list where you want to add the custom consent trigger.

Step 4 - Select The Vendor

Select the vendor for which you want to fire the custom consent action.

Step 5 - Select Consent Actions

Select the "Consent Actions" option from the window.

Step 6 - Add the Custom Trigger to Custom Javascript Section

Add the custom trigger function you set up in the Commander's Act platform into the Custom Javascript section. In this example we are adding the example function of tC.event.fire_custom_consent.

Step 7 - Click on Apply Changes

Click on the apply changes button in the bottom righthand corner of the consent actions window.

Step 8 - Save the Vendor List

Click on the "Save" button and the changes will be in place immediately.