Firing Google Tag Manager (GTM) Containers

Firing Google Tag Manager Containers

The Sourcepoint Consent Management Platform (CMP) provides you with the capability to fire Google Tag Manager containers based on a user's consent. Within Google Tag Manager you will need to create custom rules to manage the tags according to your business rules. For example, you can set up the container rules to not fire for users in the E.U. and let Sourcepoint manage which containers fire for these site visitors.

Step 1 - Navigate to and Select Vendor List

In the Sourcepoint UI, navigate to the Vendor List and click on the list for which you'd like to fire containers.

Step 2 - Select Vendor

Click on the vendor for whom you want to fire the container.

Once the customize vendor window pops up, click Consent Actions.

Step 4 - Enter Value and Apply Changes

In the Google Tag Manager section of the consent action tab, enter the name of the container as defined in Google Tag Manager and click Apply Changes.

You'll need to place single quotes around the tag manager name. In the example below, the tag container facebook_consent is entered into the value box as 'facebook_consent'.