Consent Management Platform (CMP) Overview

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a major piece of legislation set to transform the way publishers collect and manage consumer data. To empower publishers with the technology and tools to address these new guidelines, we have developed a Consent Management Platform (CMP) that makes it easy for organizations to achieve compliance with GDPR and other privacy laws requiring notice and consent.

The Sourcepoint CMP provides publishers with an interface where they can create a Privacy Manager, a collection of participating IAB Europe Consent Framework vendors for which to present messages to eligible users in compliance with GDPR.

Sourcepoint’s CMP was built on our Dialogue™ platform, which offers publisher robust A/B testing functionality, audience segmentation, targeted messaging customization, and reporting to better understand users' compensation preferences.

This guide walks you through the CMP and Dialogue platforms, including implementation instructions, information about our SDKs, reporting features, and more.