Anti-Adblock FAQs
In the list below are answers to some frequently asked questions by publishers about the Anti-Adblock product:

Which adblockers will Sourcepoint detect?

Sourcepoint detects Adblock and Adblock Plus, the most popular adblockers in use. We usually do not detect the following adblockers that use the EasyPrivacy List by default:
  • Adguard
  • UBlock
  • Ghostery
The EasyPrivacy List contains stricter blocking rules that includes Sourcepoint. However, some publishers may experience fewer blocking rules than others.

What percentage of users can be expected to turn off their adblockers?

Historical experience shows on average about 30% of messaged users will turn off their adblockers.
However, this percentage depends on a variety of factors, listed below, that can improve or hinder the number of users encouraged to switch off their adblockers:
Use Modal lock messages
Modal lock messages perform best. Dismissable modal messages perform well but not as well as lock messages. Bottom and top messages are less effective.
A message displayed on each pageview is more effective than the same message on every third pageview.
Multiple choice options
Can increase the likelihood of the user disabling their adblocker. A end-user given the choice between disabling their adblocker or paying for a subscription are more likely to disable their adblocker.
Site content
With more unique content, the more likely users will disable adblockers. Where users find content attractive and relevant the whitelist rate improves.

Are instructions to turn off adblockers available in different languages?

Yes. Instructions are available in different languages.

How do we exclude certain user groups (i.e. logged in users)?

Yes. This can be done via Key-Value Pair Targeting in the scenario builder.

Will adding the Adblock detection script slow down my site?

All scripts slow down page speeds. However, our engineering teams have made significant investments to ensure that the CMP and detection scripts run independently.
The detection script can be loaded asynchronously in a different, less critical position on the website. A trade-off for loading the script asynchronously is a small delay for a consent or adblock message to appear.

Would a CNAME applied to a 1st party subdomain prevent the Adblock detection script from being blocked?

Yes. Setting up a separate CNAME is a requirement for the anti-adblock script as it will add an extra layer of protection.
Please remember that two CNAME records are required, one for our CMP and one for Adblock.
Sourcepoint CMP

Does the Adblock detection script work on AMP sites?

No. Anti-adblock does not work in AMP, Google does not support this integration.

What is the simplest Adblock scenario?

In the scenario builder:
  • Add a logic gate for 'Adblock' and set the parameter to 'Yes'.
  • Add a gate for 'Device' and set the parameter to 'Desktop'.
  • Add a gate for 'Show message always' and set the parameter to your adblock message.

Does Sourcepoint’s Adblock integrate with Acceptable Ads?

No. We are currently not planning to integrate with Acceptable Ads though that position may change.

Would prior consent be required for the Adblock message? Showing the Adblock message relies on consent in the first place.

Yes. Furthermore the anti-adblock campaign must be in Priority #2 after GDPR.
Additionally, anti-adblock requires the Sourcepoint IAB vendor to be included in your vendor list.