Anti-adblock report overview
Non-consent reporting
The adblock report allows users in your organization with the appropriate access to see pageview level data across properties. This data can be filtered based on location, device, etc...

Generate adblock report

The adblock report can be accessed by clicking the left-most icon and selecting Ad Block Report from the subsequent page.
Use the provided filters to organize your data. Click here for applicable filters for this report
Users can only generate reports on property or properties to which they have access.
The adblock report will automatically repopulate as you filter the report

Adblock report filters

The data populated in your report can be filtered and/or organized by the following parameters:
  • Property
  • Device
  • Date
  • Country
  • Interval
To narrow your report by a select number of properties, use the properties dropdown menu in the upper left-hand corner of the report to select/deselect properties in your account.
To retrieve data for a particular time frame, utilize the date range dropdown menu to select a date range for the report.
To see data specific to certain countries, utilize the countries dropdown menu to select/deselect which countries should be included in the report.
Once your report is filtered appropriately, use the device and periodization toggles to organize your data across device types and grouped by specific intervals.
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